Rules and Regulations

The following Visitor Policies have been issued by the Wawel Royal Castle – State Art Collection in its capacity as the administrator of the Wawel Hill. All persons present on the Hill, regardless of the purpose of their visit, are subject to these rules and regulations.
By entering the premises of Wawel Hill you agree to adhere to the Visitor Policies.
Visitors are kindly requested to respect the instructions of the Castle Security staff while on Wawel Hill.


Wawel Hill is a national cultural, historic, and religious monument and as such has special preservation status. The Wawel Royal Castle – State Art Collection is a national cultural institution whose mission includes the preservation of the landmark historic site and buildings.

The following Visitor Policies have been issued by the Wawel Royal Castle – State Art Collection in its capacity as the administrator of Wawel Hill. All persons present on the Hill, regardless of the purpose of their visit, are subject to these rules and regulations.
By entering the premises of Wawel Hill you agree to adhere to the Visitor Policies.

1. The Wawel Hill is open to visitors every day from 6:00 a.m. until dusk (in special situations, hours may be subject to change).
2. Wawel Royal Castle’s Arcaded Courtyard of opens to visitors at 7:00 a.m. and closes one half hour before the closing of the gates.
3. The following are strictly prohibited:
a. weapons of any kind, or other items that could pose a danger to life or health;
b. animals, with the exception of guide dogs;
c. baggage exceeding 55 x 40 x 23 cm (118 cm total dimensions, w + h + l). For your convenience, large items may be left in the Luggage Room located at the Bernardyńska Gate (open May–September, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.)
d. entering grassed in areas that constitute an archeological reserve; entering flower beds; climbing on walls; or entering any other areas closed to visitor traffic;
e. bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages outside of restaurant areas;
f. disturbing the peace, loud behavior, playing loud music or musical instruments, the use of sound amplification equipment;
g. the use of scooters, roller blades or skates, skate boards, or any other wheeled vehicles or electric wheeled vehicles feeding the birds;
h. in addition, the following are prohibited in the Wawel Royal Castle’s Arcaded Courtyard: food, colored beverages, smoking.
4. The following require prior permission from the Wawel Royal Castle Administration:
a. artistic or sales activity (including solicitation of services);
b. commercial filming or photography;
c. organization of public gatherings, promotional or advertising campaigns, protests; the display of banners, symbols, or emblems, other than the Polish national symbols and emblems and emblems during official events, multimedia presentations inside the premises and on its walls, inside and outside;
d. the entry of motorized vehicles, bicycles, electric bicycles, etc. requires the consent of the Wawel Royal Castle Administration (wheelchairs, baby carriages and strollers, and tricycles are exempt)
e. the use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and remote controlled vehicles

Wawel Hill has 24-hour security monitoring cameras in operation. Cameras are located within the Castle walls, on the approaches to the gates, and interiors, where indicated.
In compliance with article 13, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (OJ L 119, 4.5.2016, p. 1), hereafter GDPR, see the General Information Clause on Personal Data Protection (https:/

The Wawel Hill is protected by the Wewnętrzna Służba Ochrony – Straż Zamkowa (Wawel Royal Castle Security) on the basis of the Protection of Persons and Property Act of August 22, 1997 (text identical with the 2018 Journal of Laws, pos. 2142, 2245)
Visitors are kindly requested to respect the instructions of the Castle Security staff while on Wawel Hill.

Implemented in accordance with the Director’s Internal Directive no. 40 of 23/07/2019


The following Visitor Policies have been issued by the Wawel Royal Castle – NationalArt Collection inits capacity as the administrator of the Wawel Hill and as a museum.By purchasing a ticketto the museum or entering an exhibitionspace the visitor agrees to adhere to the Museum Rules and Regulations.

I. General Information:
1. The policies and opening hours governing the visits to Wawel Royal Castle’s temporary and permanent exhibitions are established by the Director.
2. Detailed information on visiting the Castle’s permanent and temporary exhibitions, temporary exhibition closures, special events, guide services, and educational programs, as well as opening hours and ticket prices are available on the Castle’s website, at Ticket Offices, Information Desk, and Reservations Office.
3. Entrance to the Wawel Royal Castle’s exhibitions requires a valid ticket.
4. Present valid documents entitling you to a discount before you purchase your ticket; online ticket holders should present valid ID at the exhibition entrance.
II. Visitor Guidelines:
1. Tickets are issued for individual viewing of exhibitions, without a tour guide.
2. Individual visitors can make reservations for tickets and guide services.
3. Reservations can be made with the ReservationOffice or other office (or establishment) authorized to sell tickets and guide services. The ReservationOfficecan only accept reservations up to and including the day prior to the date of the visit,based on availability.
4. The right to lead exhibition and outdoor tours at the Wawel Royal Castle is reserved for tour guides authorized by the Director.
5. Organized groups must make reservationsahead of time for visits during the peak season (April 1–October 31).
6. Failure to pay for a reservation within the designated time periodwill result in the cancellation of the reservation, however, the ordering partywill be charged for the cost of the ticketand/or guide service, as applicable.
7. One day each week, selected exhibitions are made available to visitors free of charge. Theticket office issues free passes for designated entry times in accordance with conservation limits. Reservations are not accepted for free admissiondays. Free passes are issued only to individual visitors, not togrouptours.
8. For conservation reasons the following restrictions apply in the Castle the number of people permittedin one exhibitionat any timeis limited; the number of ticketsis available each day is limited; group size is limited. Detailed information on group visits is available in the Reservations Office.
9. Last visitor entry to any given exhibition is 45 minutes before the posted closing time.
10. Exhibition visitors are required to follow the regulations outlined in the Wawel Hill Visitor Policies. In addition, the following rules and regulationsapply inside the exhibitionsof the Wawel Royal Castle:
a. sharp objects, weapons or ammunition of any kind, and any other objects or materials that may pose a hazard to life or safety are prohibited;
b. speaking on cellphones isnot permitted;
c. do not touch the works of art or other elements of the exhibitions;
d. do not walk or stand on the carpets or sit on the chairs – they are museum objects;
e. visitors under the influenceof alcohol, drugs, or similar substances will not be allowed to enter the exhibitions;
f. smoking and the use of lighters, matches etc. are not permitted;
g. food and drink are not permitted;
h. do not slide on the floors;
11. Before entering the exhibitions, check all backpacks, large bags, luggage, baby backpacks, umbrellas, Nordic walking sticks (mobility aids excepted),baby strollers, and carriages.
12. Wawel Royal Castle is not liable for delicate objects or valuables left in checked bags or left elsewhere in the buildings or on the grounds of the Castle.
13. Visitors are requestedto follow the prescribed exhibitionroute. Museum staffregulate the flow of visitor group trafficform room to room. The group exitinga room has priority; two groups cannot pass each other in the doorways.
14. Only one group of visitors may be in an exhibitionroom/gallery at one time, with the exception of the Casimir the GreatRoom (Crown Treasury) and the Deputies’ Hall (State Rooms), where two groups are permitted at a time, and the Senators’Hall (State Rooms) which can hold three groups at a time.
15. Visitors must follow the directions of Wawel Royal Castle museum staff and Wawel Royal Castle Security while at the Castle and on its grounds.
16. On the basis of the powers conferred by the Protection of Persons and Property Act, Wawel Royal Castle Security has the right to intervene and/or remove visitors who refuse to comply with the museum rules and regulations, or behave in a manner threatening the safety of the collections or other people, disturbing other visitors, or in any other way violating accepted norms of conduct in a public place.
17. Unless otherwise indicated, you may take photographs or make videos for personal use in the permanent and temporary exhibitions.The use of flash,tripods, and selfiesticksis prohibited.
18. Parents or guardians are responsible for their underage children.
19. Wheelchairs are available for disabled visitors. Visitors who borrow wheelchairs are asked to return them to the place where it was made available.
III. Personal Data Protection
Wawel Royal Castle employs 24-hour security video monitoringfor the purpose of enhancing the safety and security of visitors, staff, assets, and property. Data is processed in compliance with Art.6, pt. c of the GDPRRegulations (forfull information and contact to the Data Protection Officer go to Security footage is kept for a maximum of 30 days and then overwritten.
IV. Special Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic
In connection with the announcement of the state of the epidemic in the Republic of Poland and following our statutory obligations to protect and preserve the collections, while striving to ensure maximum protection for staffand visitors against the riskof infection, Wawel Royal Castle has introduced special guidelines that will remain in place for the duration of the epidemic:
1. Visitors are required to maintain social distancing (2 m) and cover their nose and mouth (wear a mask, full-face visor etc.) in exhibitions.
2. Face coverings are also required on outdoor tours, and whenever maintaining safe physical distances is not possible.
3. Visitors are required to disinfect their hands before entering the exhibitions.
4. No more than 4 people at a time can use the Castle’s outdoor elevator.
5. Occupancy limits in any of the indoor or outdoor spaces is determined by the area of the rooms/gardens/courtyards, visitor traffic flow, and conservation requirements and are regulated by the number of tickets available for any given visit time.
6. Individual visitors are given preference, while the number of group tours, and the number of visitors in a group, is reduced. Current information on group capacityis available in the Reservation Office.
7. The number of museum lessons and workshops has been reduced and the number of participants limited to 9 people per event.
8. Touchscreens, audio guides, and multi-use educational aids are not available.
9. Implementation or cancellation of the guidelines in pt. VI, nos. 1–8 is based on government regulations and the decision of the Director.
10. Compliance with the guidelines listed in point IV does not exempt visitors from the obligation to comply with the guidelines listed in point II of the Visitor Policies.

The above is in effectin accordance with the Internal Order of the Director no. 73 of 31 July 2020