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Armour for the Young King Sigismund Augustus in the Wawel Royal Castle Collection

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This profusely illustrated volume is the first comprehensive presentation of the suit of armour made for the young King Sigismund Augustus. The work of Jörg Seusenhofer, the armour has been in the collection of Wawel Royal Castle since 2021. The publication comprises an essay by Krzysztof J. Czyżewski discussing the armour in a broad historical and artistic context, and a catalogue section by Rafał Ochęduszko, which closely examines the elements of the suit of armour and their role in protecting the wearer. The text is complemented by full-colour photographs, including many close-up details of the armour.

pages: 144

illustrations: 81 (colour)

format: 24 × 28 cm

cover: hardcover with dust jacket

date of publication: 2022

publisher: Wawel Royal Castle

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