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Catalogue of the Tapestries of King Sigismund II Augustus

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Vol. 2 of the 3-volume catalogue raisonné The Collection of the Tapestries of King Sigismund II Augustus in the Collection of Wawel Royal Castle

The tapestry collection of Sigismund II Augustus—a symbol of Poland’s golden age under the Jagiellonian dynasty—is not only one of Poland’s national treasures, but also a masterpiece of 16th- century European tapestry weaving. This unique collection, the largest ever produced as an integral  commission for a single patron, has survived largely intact (138 of about 160) despite its complicated and arduous history.
This catalogue represents the sum of years of research on various aspects of the collection, comprising scholarly essays and extensive catalogue entries including full listings of replicas of Wawel’seditio princeps.The first comprehensive publication on the collection in English, it has been expanded and adapted for the foreign reader in areas concerning the history of the collection.

edition: 1

pages: 686

illustrations: 390

format: 26,5 x 22,5 cm

cover: softcover

date of publication: 2021

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