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Masterpieces from the Lanckoroński Collection

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This book accompanies the exhibition Masterpieces from the Lanckoroński Collection.It recalls the art patron and creator of one of the largest private collections of Italian paintings in pre-war Europe—Karol Lanckoroński—and the history of his collection once housed in his palace at Jacquingasse in Vienna. In 1994, his daughter, Professor Karolina Lanckorońska, to whom the following essay is devoted, donated eighty-seven paintings from the family collection to Wawel Royal Castle.
The richly-illustrated publication presents masterpieces of European painting that had once belonged to the Lanckoroński Collection, loaned to the exhibition by international museums—Saint George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello, Portrait of a Girl 21 Years Old by Bartholomaeus Bruyn the Elder, and Company in a Garden by Barend Graat—as well as other paintings from the scattered Viennese collection.

pages: 112

illustrations: 45

format: 24 x 28 cm

cover: hardcover

date of publication: 2022

publisher: Wawel Royal Castle

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