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The Polish Rider - The King's Rembrandt

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A catalogue accompanying the opening of the “Royal Rembrandt” exhibition at Wawel Castle.

The richly illustrated publication includes two essays by Xavier F. Salomon and Dorota Juszczak. Solomon comprehensively discusses the circumstances of the creation of the "Polish Rider", its interpretation and the state of research. He also cites information related to the history of Henry Clay Frick's purchase of the painting, putting it within an American context, new for the Polish reader. "The Polish Rider", one of the most famous paintings related to Poland, is also strongly inscribed in the Anglo-Saxon culture. The numerous examples of this, in the form of quotations from poetry and literature, can be found in the essay of the American researcher.

Dorota Juszczak's text is dedicated to the painting of the "Polish Rider", as well as the other "Rembrandts" from the King's Stanislaw August era, described from a different, strictly eighteenth-century perspective. The essay discusses paintings that in the times of Stanisław August were considered to be Rembrandt's originals.

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