The Renaissance Wawel: Building the Royal Residence

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Focusing on the building works between 1504 and 1548, the book relates the history of the construction of the Renaissance castle on Wawel Hill, one of the grandest Italianate residences in Central Europe. Drawing extensively on archival sources from account ledgers to chronicles, diplomatic correspondence and even poetry, the work situates the Wawel Castle within the historical, cultural, and architectural landscape of Renaissance Europe. This volume, a much-expanded edition of the earlier Polish-language publication constitutes an important contribution to the scholarly Anglophone literature on the Wawel Royal Castle.

The publication includes a comparative timeline of historical events in Krakow and Europe, a glossary of Polish court offices with the names of officials and their dates of office, and indexes of names and places. Plans showing the different stages of construction, architectural drawings, historic prints and contemporary photographs of the Wawel Castle round out the volume.

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