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The Tapestries of Sigismund Augustus (EN)

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Sigismund II Augustus’s collection of Flemish tapestries, the largest ever completed as a single commission, was produced in 1550–1560 in Brussels, then the leading tapestry center in Europe. Woven of the finest wool and silk with gold and silver threads, textiles such as these were made for powerful, rich, and sophisticated patrons. The Wawel tapestries are among the finest ever made. The accessible, informative text deals with the various aspects of the collection including its scope, history, makers, tapestry types, and the characteristics and functions of its constituent series. Magdalena Piwocka’s clear commentary on the style and attribution of the cartoons, as well has her discussion of the tapestries’ rich symbolism and varied subject helps the reader to better appreciate their beauty and historic significance. The richly illustrated volume brings into focus monumental Biblical scenes, complex figural compositions, and eloquent portraits as well as the exquisite verdure tapestries with animals depicted in lush landscape settings. The book includes a glossary of terms and select bibliography.

edition: 2nd (updated and expanded)

pages: 200

illustrations: 147

format: 23 x 29 cm

cover: hardcover

date of publication: 2020

publisher: Wawel Royal Castle

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