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"The Way of Love" Presentation of Magdalena Miłoś’s paintings

Presentation of Magdalena Miłoś’s paintings in the Senators’ Hall of Wawel Royal Castle
June 21 – September 1 2024
The artistic intervention displays five works from the newest cycle by Magdalena Miłoś ‘The Way of Love’, on which the artist worked for over two years. The idea, or even the personal need to realise the large-format cycle about flora and fauna in a rare technique of tempera, was inspired by the artist’s visit to Wawel Royal Castle and experiencing the exhibition ‘All the King’s Tapestries: Homecomings 2021–1961–1921’. The premiere display of the cycle took place in the Office of Artistic Exhibitions in Tarnów. Despite the comforting power of matter, beautiful colours, and forms, it was emotional for her to discover the painful truth – life is a continuous struggle, and next to blossoming nature, diversity, fertility, and beauty, there is death, ‘a pyramid of life’, the new is born on the dead. From the time of ancient forests to today, despite the development of culture, civilisation, discoveries, and achievements, the cruel law of nature is in order. A deer, a sheep, a snake, birds, and mythological creatures on the tapestries as well as their mutual relations create tensions and continue narrations. The compositions accumulate and dynamise vertically. Shiny fabrics are pretty yet under their surface, displaying abundance and affirmation of life, there is a fight, and the inevitability of death is audible, there are contrasts and tensions. The sensual layer brings relief though, because it softens and covers the infected world. It gives a promise of a full experience and forecasts the possibility of perfect harmony’s existence.

‘I reach for the tapestry that represents animate nature. I view the world through it. For me, the convention of precious, decorative fabrics provides an additional filter in interpreting the surrounding reality that makes it more assimilable, more bearable. The reference to precious fabrics, their sensuality and captivating beauty gives me hope. I find it interesting to look through this ornate old painting,’ the painter adds.
The artist works similarly to old manufactories, replicating favourite floral and animal motifs on subsequent paintings. She is interested in ambiguity and multidimensionality, metaphors, archetypes, and symbols. She lives next to the forest and a river. Across the meadow next to her house, roe deer, deer, and hares pass daily, the birds nest in the surroundings. The artist spends hours watching and contemplating nature, unrivalled in its vibrant, stunning beauty, order and fertility.

In the case of this artistic intervention, history comes full circle. Magdalena Miłoś’s works have come to Wawel Hill, where the inspiration for creating them was found. In the castle, against the background of leather wallpaper, they are gaining new, surprising meanings. Two paintings were made specially for the Wawel display. Inspired by tapestries from Sigismund Augustus’ collection and Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, they were created for the Senators’ Hall, known as the Dancing Hall. Here, important historical events took place, including royal weddings, such as those of Sigismund I the Old and Bona Sforza in 1518. In the Dancing Hall, shrouded in honeyed light, the Way of Love – with its golden deer, blue swans, and lambs – constructs new meanings. Adjacent to the tapestry Flood from The History of Noah series, despite the unrest of the world and the cataclysm depicted in the work, it heralds a new time, symbolised by the rainbow. It is a kind of message, a search for the universum, a request for peace, harmony, and beauty. ‘The light passed through the rain and a rainbow was created, a prism, a colour,’ concludes the artist.
Ewa Łączyńska-Widz, curator of the exhibition

Magdalena Miłoś (Magdalena Miłoś-Kuta)
Born in 1976. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków – Faculty of Painting, Faculty of Sculpture, and post-graduate studies in the Department of Stage Design. Diploma with honours in Painting with Prof. Leszek Misiak and an annex in Ceramics with Prof. Czesław Dźwigaj in 2001, diploma with honours in Stage Design with Prof. Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda in 2005. She has received awards and distinctions, including a Prof. Jan Szancenbach Scholarship, an award in the ‘Sacrum w Sztuce’ competition, and the Grand Prix of the 8th BWA Salon in Tarnów. She has presented her works at solo exhibitions in Kraków, Tarnów, Krosno, Wadowice, Przemyśl, Warsaw, and New York. She works in the field of painting – installations and painting objects, sculpture and architectural projects. She lives and works in Powiśle Dąbrowskie near Zalipie.