Please note: The Castle will be CLOSED till January 31, 2021

About the Museum

Wawel Royal Castle-State Art Collection is a national cultural institution
Legally constituted, registered in the National Cultural Institutions Register at no. 21/92 and in the State Museum Register at no. 16/98.
The Castle operates on the basis of a statute granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Official Journal MKiDN no. 4 item 7 of 2000). Wawel Royal Castle is a historic residence museum. Its mission is specified in art. 1 of the Museum Act, and in particular:
  • preservation of the historic aspects of Wawel as the highest ranked monument in the history and the cultural and religious tradition of the Polish nation, and as part of world heritage;
  • historical and conceptual reconstruction of Wawel’s past in its various aspects;
  • extensive incorporation of the above values into the circulation of national culture.
  • The Castle accomplishes the goals set out above by:
  • collecting and conserving carefully selected works of art and historical artefacts;
  • restoring its historical buildings and collections to maintain them in best condition possible;
  • propagating knowledge about Wawel and its collections in Poland and abroad;
  • conducting research and scholarship;
  • publishing and educational and informative activities,
  • maintaining the buildings and grounds and utilizing them appropriately.
The name, image and logo of the Castle are protected by the Polish Patent Office.