Royal Gardens

The Royal Gardens were reconstructed based on years of study and research on Renaissance gardens. The plants used and arrangements of pathways and beds as well as architectural elements evoke the atmosphere of gardens of the period. The gardens encompass an upper and lower terrace and a small vineyard.

Upper Terrace

The discovery of archaeological remains made it possible to reconstruct the arrangement of the brick pathways. Raised beds were installed based on the mentions of “boxes” in archival sources. The remaining sections were designed around simple ornamental parterres and a small “meadow” with a trellis.

Lower Terrace

Southern part of the lower terrace was designed around the excavated foundations of a summerhouse. A symbolic gazebo is surrounded by boxwood-edged parterres that hold a variety of flowers and herbs. Central Section – the ornamental boxwood knot garden evokes forms developed in the Renaissance. 

Lower Terrace – Northern Section

This area holds a fruit orchard, which was regarded as an ornamental garden in the Renaissance.