Wawel for Enthusiasts | special joint ticked

This is a special ticket for Wawel aficionados, who would like to spend many hours visiting all of the exhibitions at Wawel Royal Castle, selected areas of Pieskowa Skała Castle an Stryszów Manor House:
  • Wawel – all of the exhibitions at Wawel Royal Castle | ticket valid on the day of purchase
  • Pieskowa Skała Castle – program includes outdoor tour with guide (Polish only), individual visit to the new exhibition Old Polish Culture | ticket valid for a selected visit date within 5 days of date of purchase
  • Stryszów Manor House – visiting the permanent exhibition 19th-century Polish Manor House Interiors | ticket valid for a selected visit date within 30 days of purchase

    Visiting time: Wawel – about 5 hours; Pieskowa Skała – about 1.5 hours; Stryszów Manor – about 1 hour
    Available: Tuesday–Sunday
    Admission/per person: regular 145 PLN, reduced 95 PLN  (online +1 PLN)
    SPECIAL FAMILY DISCOUNT – Children (age 0–18) enter free with Parents/Guardians who have purchased tickets (maximum 5 children per 1 parent/guardian)
    Sale: at ticket windows & online 
    This ticket is not recommended for families with young children (long visiting time, strollers are not permitted in the castles and manor).
    This ticket is not recommended for people with mobility issues, as it includes the climb to the Sandomierska Tower and the descent and exit through the Dragon’s Den.
Please note: strollers are not permitted in the castle (the Baggage Check is located in the Arcaded Courtyard).

Pieskowa Skała

A branch of the Wawel Royal Castle.

The castle is situated in the heart of the Ojców National Park, about 30 km northeast of Cracow. The fortress and a nearby rock formation called the Club of Hercules dominate the picturesque landscape of the Prądnik River Valley. Pieskowa Skała is exceptional not only for the beauty of its natural setting, but also for its outstanding architecture and fascinating history. The stronghold was built during the reign of Casimir the Great (r. 1333–1370) to safeguard the route between Cracow and Silesia. At the end of the 14th century, the castle passed into the hands of the Szafraniec family in the late 16th century Stanisław Szafraniec renovated and expanded it to create an impressive Renaissance residence with an arcaded courtyard and pillared loggia. The work was completed in about 1578. In the 17th century, the castle’s new owner, Michał Zebrzydowski, added a bastion to the fortifications, closing off the large exterior court. Today the castle is a museum, which houses a collection of European art.

Manor House at Stryszow

A branch of the Wawel Royal Castle.

Located at the foot of Mount Chełm in the Beskid Makowski mountain range near Wadowice and Kalwaria Zebrzyowska, the manor house at Stryszów is one of the most interesting and unique examples of manorial architecture to survive in this region. Built at the end of the 16th century and remodeled in the mid-18th century, the manor is an example of a modest country residence of the Polish gentry. Since 1969, the manor has been a museum featuring 19th-century period interiors.