The Castle is closed till April 25, 2021



The Reservations Office (R) handles reservations for individual and group visits, as well as guide service reservations. Office is located in the Visitors Center.


April 1–October 31 – advance reservations are required for all groups

Maximum number of people in an organized group (homogeneous group) for:
  • State Rooms is 5
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury is 5
  • Art of the Orient. Ottoman Turkish Tents is 5
  • The Lost Wawel is 5
  • Wawel Recovered is 5


Reservations for the State Rooms or the Crown Treasury and Armoury: groups up to 9 people – 16 PLN.

Guide service (maximum group size: 5 people)
  • one exhibition 90 PLN
  • two exhibitions 140 PLN
  • three exhibitions 190 PLN
  • four exhibitions 240 PLN
  • five exhibitions 290 PLN
  • six exhibitions 340 PLN
  • seven exhibitions 390 PLN

How to Make a Reservation

Please send request to the Reservations Office no later than 14 days in advance of visit date, e-mail:
You will receive confirmation of your reservation no later than 3 days before your visit.

Information about the processing of personal data is here