The Lanckoroński Collection: Virtual Visit

In 1994, Karolina Lanckorońska donated part of her family collection to Wawel Royal Castle. The gift included Italian Renaissance paintings, drawings by the Polish artist Jacek Malczewski, and her father’s archives.
The collection her father, Karol Lanckoroński had amassed at the family home in Vienna was largely scattered during World War II. But the core of the collection survived. Until it reemerged in 1994, it had been considered lost or destroyed. The surviving collection includes just over half of all of the Italian pictures dating from the 1300s through the 1600s that Karol Lanckoroński had displayed in his Viennese palace. This was the most significant gift the Castle had received in its post-war history, in terms of both the number and quality of the works of art.

With the Lanckoroński donation, Wawel Royal Castle holds one of the largest collections of early Italian painting, second only to the Princes Czartoryski collection.

The Virtual Visit winds its way through all of the rooms of the Castle in which paintings from the Lanckoroński collection are exhibited.
The program makes it possible to get “up close and personal” with all of the eighty seven paintings, which can be viewed at high magnification.