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The New Castle and New Crown Treasury
In the 2021–2022 season, Wawel Royal Castle will undergo a major transformation. With our visitors’ expectations, safety, and viewing comfort in mind, we are hard at work on the reinstallation of the exhibitions in the royal castle.

The historic interiors, works of art, and period furnishings will not change, but the redesigned display, especially in the Royal Private Apartments, will present our collections in a fresh, new light. The reinstallation will offer the public a completely new, unforgettable, way to experience art and history at Wawel. In July 2022, an imposing permanent exhibition will open its doors – the New Crown Treasury.

In the meantime, we encourage you to browse our new permanent exhibition schedule and see what’s changed. We would also like to invite you to visit the temporary exhibitions we have planned for this year and the next.


  • Royal Private Apartments closed until April 19
  • Dragon's Den closed until April 30
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury closed until June 29

VISITING HOURS December 1, 2021 − February 28, 2022

9:30 am−1 pm, last entry 12:30 pm
admission free − pick up free admission ticket (at the ticket window)
  • The Lost Wawel
  • Wawel Recovered
9:30 am−5 pm, last entry 4:30 pm
  • State Rooms
    with the exhibition Not Only Bruegel and Rubens: The Painting of the Low Countries at Wawel (on view until March 13)
    last entry 4 pm
    admission: regular 30 PLN, reduced 20 PLN

  • Art of the Orient. Ottoman Turkish Tents
    last entry 4:20 pm
    admission: regular 20 PLN, reduced 15 PLN

  • The Lost Wawel
    last entry 4:30 pm
    admission: regular 15 PLN, reduced 10 PLN

  • Wawel Recovered
    last entry 4:30 pm
    admission: regular 10 PLN, reduced 5 PLN

  • Tureens, Dishes, Centerpieces... 18th-Century Silver, Porcelain, and Glass from the Collections of Wawel Royal Castle
    on view next to "Wawel Recovered"
    last entry 4:30 pm
    admission: regular 10 PLN, reduced 5 PLN

Visitor Services

Wawel Royal Castle’s Visitor Services are located in the Visitors Center. These include the Information Desk, Ticket Windows, Reservation and Guide Service, as well as toilet facilities and café, audio guide, and gift shop. Free access to Wi-Fi is available.
Opening hours: daily 9 am-5 pm 

Tourist Information
open daily 9:00 am-5:00 pm 
phone: +48 12.422.51.55 ext. 219, informacja@wawelzamek.pl


Ticket sales: 

  • in the Visitors Center
    Monday 9:00 am–12:20 pm
    Tuesday–Sunday 9:00 am–4:20 pm  
  • at the Herbowa Gate
    open April–October

    Monday 9:00 am–12:15 pm
    Tuesday–Sunday 9:00 am–4:15 pm
  • online: check availability on our website here
    online tickets are available one week in advance;
    tickets can be purchased online, even on the day of your visit
    if the online tickets run out, please try at the ticket windows, as tickets may still be available
Timed tickets are issued for most exhibitions. The entry time is printed on the ticket – please be punctual.
The number of tickets available every day is limited. The ticket is valid on the day of the visit only.
For individual and group reservations and guide service visit the Reservations Office.

See Map of te Wawel Hill


The audioguides for the visit of Castle’s exhibitions are available in the following languages: Polish, English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French and Ukrainian.

The audioguides are available for the following exhibitions: "State Rooms, “Crown Treasury and Armoury”, “Art of the Orient”(Ottoman Turkish Tents are available only in Polish) and “The Lost Wawel”.

Renting the audioguides is an extra service and is available in the Visitors Center on the Wawel Hill. The Framica company deals with rentals.

There are also group tour systems available for guided visits.
Security screening points are in operation at the entrance to the Castle. Bringing weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable or toxic items or any other potentially dangerous objects are strictly prohibited.
Visitors are expected to adhere to the Castle’s Visitor Rules and Regulations.

Backpacks, large bags, baby carriers with frames, strollers, umbrellas, and Nordic walking sticks are not permitted inside the exhibitions. These items must be checked in the Checkroom located in the Arcaded Courtyard before you proceed to the exhibitions. The Checkroom is open only during the Castle’s opening hours.

Buy ticket online

Tickets can be purchased online, even on the day of your visit. If the online tickets run out, please try the ticket windows, as tickets may still be available.

Go to e-ticket website
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