Please note: The Castle will be CLOSED till January 31, 2021
The Wawel Hill and Arcaded Courtyard stay open to visitors 6 am-5:30 pm

Visitors Center open daily 9 am-5:30 pm –  toilets and cafe only.

Reopening Information

The Castle remain closed and will reopen at a later date. Learn what you can expect during your next visit—and be sure to check back here as information is updated often.

Ticket sales: 

We do not accept payment in Euros or other foreign currency.
Timed tickets are issued for most exhibitions. Entry time is included on the ticket – please be punctual.
Number of tickets available daily is limited. Ticket is valid on the day of visit only.
For individual and group reservations and guide service visit the Reservations Office.

The limit on the number of visitors remaining at the same time at the exhibition:
State Rooms – 190
Crown Treasury and Armoury – 70
Art of the Orient. Ottoman Turkish Tents  – 80
The Lost Wawel – 60
The Church of St. Gereon – 11
Wawel Recovered – 40

Admission to Wawel Hill and to the Arcaded Courtyard is free.


free admission – pick up free admission pass from ticket window
exhibitions hours 9.30 am–1:00 pm; individual visitors
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury  last visitor entry at 12:15 pm, passes distributed until 12:05 pm
  • The Lost Wawel last visitor entry at 12:30 pm, passes distributed until 12:20 pm
  • Wawel Recovered last visitor entry at 12:30 pm, passes distributed until 12:20 pm


exhibitions hours 9.30 am–5:00 pm, last visitor entry 4 pm, sales till 3:45 pm, 
disinfection break 1:00 pm–1:30 pm, last visitor entry before break – 12:30 pm
  • State Rooms individual visitors*
    admission: regular 25 PLN, reduced 15 PLN
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury individual visitors*
    admission: regular 25 PLN, reduced 15 PLN
  • Art of the Orient. Ottoman Turkish Tents individual visitors*
    admission: regular 20 PLN, reduced 15 PLN

  • The Lost Wawel and the Church of St. Gereon – weekends only
    - individual visitors – admission: regular 20 PLN, reduced 10 PLN
    - guided group tours, entries every hour, max. 5 people in group (4+1) – admission: regular 25 PLN, reduced 15 PLN
* Guided group tours available with earlier reservation.
Backpacks, large bags, baby carriers with frames, strollers, umbrellas, and Nordic walking sticks are not permitted inside the exhibitions. These items must be checked in the Checkroom located in the Arcaded Courtyard before you proceed to the exhibitions. The Checkroom is open only during the Castle’s opening hours.

Security screening points are in operation at the entrance to the Castle. Bringing weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable or toxic items or any other potentially dangerous objects are strictly prohibited.
Visitors are expected to adhere to the Castle’s Visitor Rules and Regulations.
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